Apr 04

A Product Marketing lesson by Linux

No matter what you do on marketing, but you have always a product/service to pitch and promote to a defined target. To effectively sell it, there is the need to dress it with a set of characteristics and values, that your potential customer can feel as an extra value.

The video below is a great example by “The Linux Foundation“, on how Product Marketing should work and highlight the four main points, that a good storytelling campaign should touch.

  • Which are the benefits? - Remember to explain why someone should use your product and how it can improve their work or life experience. How much time and resources can be saved?
  • How the product is made? – When an user purchases your product, he gives you his money along with his trust. By showing the value creation process of your product, he would be able to understand what he is buying and feel the quality in what can\’t be seen in the product delivered.
  • Who trusted the product? - Show who choose and trusted your product by sharing their reasons and experiences. Make them feel that there is a community around their choice.
  • What\’s the product spirit? – Every product embeds the company values. What\’s your company mission and how this is embedded in your product?