Feb 06

How to Share your Blog on Pinterest

Pinterest has been a typical internet overnight sensation, something that has been there for years and that gone viral between internet users. The design is really impressive, intuitive and most of all simple to use, the feeling is like having your own “Fancy” or “Piccsy“. Part of its success, comes from the fact that some brands used this web-service, to show their products and create contests so to create new relationships with their customer base (with great engaging success).

Recently I have read an article on Mashable, where was explained a study saying that Pinterest was driving more traffic than other Social platforms combined. Following this article and knowing that you can share only pictures and videos, I decided to make a little experiment, aimed to find a way to generate some traffic on your Blog, only using images. Or in this case, banners!

What you need to do, is to create a vertical banner as explained in the image above. Here are the steps:

  1. Find an Image: Find something that can represent your post (or the link you want). More attractive is the topic’s image, more easily the users would be attracted and inspired to click.
  2. QR Code: A solution could be translate a link on an image that mobile devices can read. By doing so, would be able to easily pick up the phone and read the article, allowing them to discover the content they want. (Suggestion: use tags on the link to have a better tracking).
  3. Short Link: To cover the part of users that doesn’t have the possibility to read the QR Code, it’s possible to insert in the image the post’s short link, so that it could be easily copied and written on a browser.
  4. Merge and Upload: Once you do the previous points, all that remains is to merge everything on a single image and upload it.

As said before I have tested first person this possibility and I can’t hide it gave me some promising results (promising cause the account is really young) in terms of clicks. Anyway what I will keep doing in the next weeks, is create some variants of he banner, so to understand which version perform better!