Head of Data @ Wavemaker

Who am I?

I have over 10 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence, gained by working in different sectors (Television, Tourism, Real-Estate and Ecommerce) both for multinational (QVC, Belmond Group) and italian companies (Monclick and Halldis).
In order to consolidate my statistical-economic skills, I have followed and obtained an International Full Time MBA at the Polytechnic University of Milan.
After a career in Marketing, I started a new one as Data Scientist and consultant, and my aim is to help people and companies to know themselves trough data and them develop better decisions.

What are

I think that everything can be crunched into numbers, and by istance anything can be analyzed and related with something else. Data provides us the possibility to able to discover patterns that weren’t considered before and provide a better view of our world and business. Data can be used in business, to discover new markets, in production to discover new ways to reduce waste, and on a personal level to make better investment of our limited time.


Data ain’t a simple matter, and to enstablish a clear vision and discover different patterns, there are the needs of tools, of different nature and type, that would enable us to read and interpret them. Below you can find the principal tools that I use almost every day.


Least but not last, I obtained an MBA at the Mip, with a specialization in "International Strategy".

Master Degree

I have graduated at the USI in a "Master in Human Technologies" with a Thesis in CRM and Email Marketing Strategies.

Bachelor Degree

I have a Bachelor Degree in "Foreign Languages and Literatures" with a specialization in Computational Linguistics.

I Use

For every data need, there are different tools that can (and have to) be used.

Python 3.7

With this coding language, anyone with a little training is able to start extracting and manipulating data, as long as enabling connections with different protocols.

Google Cloud

The tools are nothing without power and storage. On a personal and professional level, I use Google Cloud for its simplicity and cutting edge features.

Power BI

PowerBi, made by Microsoft is probably the most versatile tool that can be used to develop great dashboards in a short period of time.


When you need to show the beauty of the data, Tableau is the rightful choice. Indeed, this is the perfect solution for data journalism.